FIRE 104 : Introduction to Emergency Services

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Intro to Emergency Services



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Provides overview of fire protection and emergency medical services. Includes philosophy, history, organization, nomenclature, and function of public and private agencies. Meets Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education core requirement and is equivalent to National Fire Academy C0273.

Course learning outcomes

1. Illustrate the history of fire service and emergency medical services.
2. Compare and contrast the components and development of fire and emergency services.
3. Describe the common types of fire and emergency service facilities, equipment, and apparatus.
4. Compare and contrast effective management concepts for various emergency situations.

Content outline

  1. History of fire emergency medical systems
  2. History of emergency medical services
  3. Scientific terminology
  4. Building construction
  5. Fire and emergency services
  6. Apparatus, equipment, and facilities
  7. Critical care and hospital emergency medicine
  8. Medical oversight
  9. Incident command system and the national incident management system
  10. Emergency incident management
  11. Disasters
  12. Disaster scenario

Required materials

All materials are provided for the student.

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