FIRE 121 : Fire Law

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Fire Law



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Recommended preparation

FIRE 104 and FIRE 105.

Course Description

Introduces the modern legal system with emphasis on cases related to fire service. Reviews case law affecting modern fire service agencies and explores laws relating to medical treatment of patients, fire protection, codes, emergency response, and department activities on the fire ground. FESHE non-core requirement equivalent to NFA C0270.

Course learning outcomes

1. Define and discuss federal, state, and local laws and liabilities applicable to emergency services.
2. Explain the purpose of national codes and standards.
3. Discuss applicable court decisions that have influenced emergency services.
4. Articulate the legal issues and concerns affecting emergency services.

Content outline

The course learning outcomes are those of the National Fire Academy (NFA).

  1. Legal system of the United States
  2. Civil versus criminal
  3. Tort liability
  4. Negligence
  5. Judicial system
  6. Federal laws and the fire service
  7. Employee relations
  8. Fire prevention and fire codes
  9. Mutual aid
  10. Hazardous materials
  11. Volunteers/contracts
  12. At-will doctrine
  13. Arson

Required materials

All materials are provided to the student.

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