FIRE 212 : S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws

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S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws



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Course Description

Provides introduction to the function, maintenance ,and use of internal combustion engine powered chainsaws and their tactical wildland fire application. Includes field exercises to support entry-level training for firefighters with little or no previous experience in operating a chainsaw, providing hands-on cutting experience in surroundings similar to fireline situations. NWCG (National Wildfire Coordinating Group) certifying course.

Course learning outcomes

1. Define and apply chainsaw safety standards as required by OSHA and agency handbooks, manuals, directives, and owner’s manuals.
2. Identify and demonstrate basic chainsaw operation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and safety features.
3. Demonstrate the tactical application of chainsaws in fireline construction and mop up operations.

Content outline

  1. Introductions
  2. Safety requirements
  3. Chainsaw parts, maintenance, and operation
  4. Fireline construction and mop up
  5. Chainsaw tasks and techniques
  6. Handling, bucking, limbing, and brushing and slashing
  7. Handling, bucking, limbing, and brushing and slashing (field proficiency)
  8. Felling part 1 of 3
  9. Felling part 2 of 3
  10. Felling part 3 of 3
  11. Felling (field proficiency)
  12. Advanced chainsaw tasks and techniques

Required materials

All materials are provided for this course.

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