FIRE 215 : S-215 Fire Operations in the Urban Interface

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S-215 Fire Ops Urban Interface



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FIRE 131 and FIRE 290.

Course Description

Focuses on tactical decisions needed to confront wildland fire that threatens life, property, and improvements in the wildland/urban interface. Includes interface awareness, size-up, initial strategy and incident action plan, structure triage, structure protection tactics, incident action plan assessment and update, follow-up and public relations, and firefighter safety in the interface. This is an NWCG certified course and NWCG requires students be qualified as a Firefighter Type 1 (FFT1).

Course learning outcomes

1. The following learning outcomes are those of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG).
2. Operate safely and effectively in a wildland/urban interface incident by using situation awareness.
3. Perform structure triage, using pre-planning tools, and having a basic understanding of fire behavior.
4. Use strategy and tactics unique to the wildland/urban interface environment.

Content outline

  1. Firefighter Safety in the Interface
  2. Managing Human Factors in the Interface
  3. Pre-Incident Planning
  4. Sizeup and Initial Strategy
  5. Structure Triage
  6. Structure Protection Overview
  7. Tactics in the Interface
  8. Tactical Operations and Resource Use in the Interface
  9. Action Assessment, Plan Update, and After Action Review
  10. Field exercise

Required materials

All materials are provided to the student.

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