FIRE 255 : Wildland Interface & Tactical Decision Simulations

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Interface Tactical Dec. Sims



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FIRE 104, FIRE 105, FIRE 125 and FIRE 175.

Course Description

Focuses on structure fire duties in relation to the urban interface. Designed to assist structure firefighters in making tactical decisions when confronting wildland fire that threatens life, property, and improvements in the wildland urban interface. Uses simulations of specific problem situations to learn and to apply tactical decision-making skills in the fire environment. Includes anticipating or predicting problem fire behavior during operations and using lookouts, communications, escape routes, and safety zones.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe the interaction of fuels, weather, and topography on wildland fire behavior, fireline tactics, and safety.
2. Use lookouts, communications, escape routes, and safety zones during simulations and field operations.
3. Perform structure triage.
4. Perform operational tactics and strategies safely in simulated wildland urban interface incidents.

Content outline

  1. Introduction: look up, look down, look around
  2. Fire environment
  3. Topographic influences
  4. Fuels
  5. Weather
  6. Firefighter safety in the interface
  7. Tactical considerations for problem fire behavior (seven environmental factors)
  8. Radio operations: programming and cloning
  9. LCES: lookouts, communication, escape routes, and safety zones
  10. Managing human factors
  11. Pre-incident planning
  12. Size-up and initial strategy
  13. Structure triage and structure protection
  14. Tactics and strategies

Required materials

All materials will be provided to the student

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