FIRE 291 : S-300 IC Extended Attack

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S-300 IC Extended Attack



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FIRE 200 and FIRE 292.

Course Description

Meets the training needs of the incident commander, type 3 (ICT3). Focuses on the lessons of leadership and command as they relate to the ICT3 position. Includes tactical decision games for students to practice concepts. Units include: Foundational Skills, Situational Awareness, Command and Control, Managing the Incident, Transitional Activities, Post-Fire Activities and a Final Simulation. This is an NWCG course and requires qualification as an Incident Commander Type 4 (ICT4) and Task Force Leader (TFLD) OR qualified as ICT4 and Strike Team Leader and any two single resources boss positions - one must be Crew (CRWB) or Engine (ENGB).

Course learning outcomes

The following learning outcomes are those of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG).

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of Command as it relates to the ICT3.
2. Demonstrate effective foundation skills (leadership, risk management, and communications at the ICT3 level.
3. Develop situational awareness of incident environment.
4. Demonstrate effective command and control over a quickly assembled team in a time constrained and rapidly changing incident environment.
5. Demonstrate the ability to manage an incident.
6. Conduct post fire activities.

Content outline

• Introduction • Foundational Skills • Situational Awareness • Command and Control • Managing the Incident • Transitional Activities • Post-Fire Activities • Staff Ride

Required materials

All materials are provided.

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