FOR 100 : Forestry Program Orientation

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Forestry Program Orientation



Grading mode

Pass/No Pass grades

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Course Description

Provides students with an orientation to the Forest Resources Technology program. Designed to give students knowledge and tools to succeed in the Forest Resources AAS, the natural resources work force, and in an academic career beyond COCC. The course is required of all students seeking the Forest Resources Technology AAS degree, and is highly recommended for students in the Wildland Fire program. P/NP grading.

Course learning outcomes

1. Practice professional behaviors in accordance with COCC’s and the Forest Resource Technology Program’s policies regarding professionalism, sexual harassment, and plagiarism.
2. Explain the career and educational options in forest technology, forestry, other natural resource disciplines, and other college programs.
3. Construct an individual educational plan and explain the role of a student and advisor in academic planning.
4. Explain the options available to finance a college education.
5. Describe the Forest Resources Technology Program’s various policies on attendance, grading, study requirements, homework, quality of work, and Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) course requirement.
6. Describe the educational resources available at COCC including library, testing, tutoring, counseling, and advising resources.
7. Display the behaviors of a successful college student including timeliness, study habits, exam preparation, avoiding procrastination, time/workload management, and communicating with instructors.

Content outline

Lectures and Discussion topics:

  • Class/Program etiquette, email, and Blackboard use
  • Job Searches, USA Jobs, resume, and cover letters
  • Financial aid and finances
  • University transfer options
  • Academic planning and advising
  • Library, tutoring, testing, advising, and disability services at COCC
  • Technical writing, study, and exam strategies
  • Putting it together: the mindset and behaviors to thrive as a student

“Lab” Activities:

  • Self-Assessment of Academic Strengths
  • COCC Campus Scavenger Hunt
  • Academic Plan Prep
  • Technical Writing
  • Library Scavenger Hunt
  • University Options
  • College Costs and Finance
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Time Management Assessment and Sexual Harassment Training

Required materials

Natural resource career preparation textbook required.

Outside of

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