FOR 111 : Forestry Perspectives

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Forestry Perspectives



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Course Description

Introduction to the entire discipline of forestry, including the history of forest use and management, North American forest regions, forest ecology, mensuration and management, forest products and the importance of forest resources other than wood fiber. Also provides overview of state, regional and local employment opportunities.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe past and present uses of the forest.
2. Distinguish between conservation, preservation, and environmentalism.
3. Describe forest regions of the United States.
4. Compare and contrast the influences of Gifford Pinchot and John Muir.
5. Describe Forest Service organization.
6. Describe the Oregon Department of Forestry organization.
7. Read and prepare abstracts from resource management journals.
8. List examples of the work of a forester.
9. Describe various forest resources and their management issues.
10. Use vocabulary related to forest management and practice.

Content outline

  • Course Introduction
  • Historical Uses of Forests
  • Distribution of North American Forests
  • Forest Ecology
  • Fire Management
  • Private Consulting and Forest Management jobs
  • Forest Recreation and Wilderness Management
  • Forest Products
  • Harvesting Forests
  • Managing State Lands
  • Measuring Forest Resources
  • Silviculture and Ecosystem Management
  • Forest Damaging Agents
  • Wildlife Conservation and Management
  • Stream Restoration
  • Forest Management by Federal Agencies
  • State and Private Owners

Required materials

Required textbook, see syllabus for details.

Outside of

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