FOR 126 : Field Studies Pacific NW Forests

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Field Studies Pac. NW Forests



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This course examines the ecology, management, and human uses of Pacific Northwest forests. Field experience takes place during a 4-day field trip to the Oregon coast and Northern California and includes visiting forest environments, forest product manufacturing facilities, field lectures and guided tours, as well as individual and small-group exercises.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain major differences between old-growth forests and forests intensively managed for fiber production.
2. Identify selected species of plants important in PNW forests or indicative of particular environmental conditions.
3. Explain basic biology and management of selected plants, animals and fungi important in the ecology of PNW forests.
4. Understand basic process of manufacture of selected wood products, and identify relationship between manufacturing of products, and current forest management practices.
5. Take concise, legible field notes regarding natural history or ecology to preserve the value of field experience.

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