FOR 130 : Chainsaw Use and Maintenance

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Chainsaw Use and Maintenance



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Covers basic tree falling, bucking and limbing techniques. Equipment safety, use, maintenance and repairs of saws is covered. Designed for inexperienced or novice chainsaw operators or can be used as refresher course for experienced saw operators.

Learning outcomes

1. List, define, and apply chain saw safety standards as required by OSHA and NWCG member agency manuals, handbooks and directives.
2. Incorporate the approved use, maintenance, and function of personal protective equipment (PPE) in wildland fire chain saw applications.
3. Identify basic chain saw parts nomenclature, maintenance, tuning, troubleshooting, and safety features.
4. Demonstrate field maintenance tasks required for chain saw operation.
5. Demonstrate the tactical application of chain saws in brushing, limbing, bucking, and falling for fireline construction and mop up operations.

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