FOR 208 : Soils: Sustainable Ecosystems

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Soils: Sustainable Ecosystems



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Focuses on the basics of Soil Science, ranging from physical properties to use and management. Soils with respect to traditional agricultural, wildlands and rangelands, watersheds and modern environmental perspectives will be discussed. New and current events of soils applications and the science of soils in the world around us will be reviewed to better understand the role soil has in our everyday lives. Lab component will include in and out of classroom lab work and field trips.

Learning outcomes

1. Use the soil textural triangle and soil test to determine soil texture.
2. Describe a soil’s profile and horizons.
3. Explain a soil’s classification based on its profile and horizons.
4. Explain the formation of soil using the five soil formation factors.
5. Explain the impact of soil compaction on forest site productivity and describe how to avoid compacting soil and how to ameliorate soil compaction.
6. Discuss the management of forest and range soils to promote conservation of soil and enhance site productivity.

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