FOR 211 : Supervision and Leadership

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Supervision and Leadership



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Covers basic human relations and management skills as applied to first-line supervision and leadership in forestry and natural resource environments. Defines the work environment and identifies and discusses subordinate, peer, and supervisory relationships.

Course learning outcomes

1. Model ethical behaviors that create an inclusive organizational environment.
2. Explain the importance of diverse perspectives and skills on both on teams and within organizations.
3. Explain the techniques for communicating, collaborating, resolving conflicts, and disciplining employees with empathy and respect.
4. Assess and document one’s individual strengths and weaknesses as they relate to being an effective employee, peer, or supervisor.
5. Explain the importance of organizational structures and the value of job descriptions, employee appraisal process, documentation, delegation, continuous training, and education for creating workplace success.
6. Demonstrate a respect for others with diverse perspectives and experiences.

Content outline

  1. Introduction and definitions, history of business management, organizational structures, types of managers and supervisors
  2. Leadership traits and styles, empathy, respect            
  3. Personal and organizational ethics and values
  4. The importance of diversity of experience, thought, and perspective
  5. Communication techniques for the workplace
  6. Problem solving and decision-making processes
  7. Team management and conflict resolution
  8. Performance evaluation, goal setting, and discipline
  9. Creating and maintaining safe workplaces
  10. Putting it all together: how to be an effective employee, peer, or supervisor practicing ethical behaviors that promote a safe and inclusive workplace                

Required materials

Textbook is required. The current text is an open source text, but the text may change if a better text is found to match the course content.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Human Relations

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