FOR 211 : Supervision and Leadership

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Supervision and Leadership



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Covers basic human relations and management skills as applied to first-line supervision in forestry, fire science and EMS. Defines work environment. Identifies and discusses subordinate, peer, and supervisory relationships. Case studies, including students' own work experiences will be used.

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate an awareness of your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to you as an employee, supervisor and peer.
2. Explain how technology and globalization and other significant changes that have occurred in the workplace have affected the job of supervision.
3. Know the basic vocabulary of the management world and the role supervision plays in organizational operations.
4. Know the organizational structure and the value of job descriptions, documentation and delegation.
5. Identify employee characteristics and ways to motivate employees.
6. Identify leadership traits and the different types of leadership styles.
7. Demonstrate an understanding of techniques for effective communication.
8. Understand the employee appraisal process.
9. Identify and work with various types of conflict.
10. Demonstrate an understanding of handling employee discipline.
11. Know the difference between levels of management and identify the elements necessary to be a successful supervisor.

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