FOR 238 : Forestry Data Analysis

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Forestry Data Analysis



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FOR 237.

Course Description

Covers the fundamentals of storing, analyzing, and presenting data. Emphasizes the use of spreadsheets, databases, descriptive statistics, and linear regression to analyze and present data in the context of natural resource management.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the use of basic statistics in natural resources management.
2. Demonstrate the use of data transformations, statistical analysis, user-defined Excel functions for determining tree volume, and the creation of stand volume tables.
3. Demonstrate the use of simple databases for processing and storing data.
4. Implement the use of graphs for displaying and analyzing data.

Content outline

  1. Introduction, or review, of discrete and continuous variables, significant figures, rounding, and the normal statistical distribution.
  2. Descriptive statistics: arithmetic mean, median, mode, range, quadradic mean, standard deviation, standard error of the mean
  3. Use of spreadsheets for storing, sorting, equations, order of operations, and functions.
  4. Displaying and analyzing data using graphs.
  5. Bar, Column, Pie, and Line Graphs
  6. Introduction to the use of Inferential statistics.
  7. t tests, simple and multiple regression, r, r2, and line graphs with regression analysis
  8. Excel User Defined Functions for Tree Volume and Volume Table
  9. Access Database creation and use
  10. Forest Vegetation Simulator
  11. Project Data Analysis
  12. Project Presentations

Required materials

Requires textbooks and the following equipment:  Calculator with statistical functions, or laptop with Excel installed.

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