FOR 241B : Dendrology

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Course Description

Covers identification, classification and distribution of plant communities (tree, shrub, forb and grass) found within Oregon and major North American plant communities. Covers in lecture format the structure and function of the primary organs and tissues that comprise woody plants. This course is the classroom portion of FOR 241A. Course does not need to follow FOR 241A.

Course learning outcomes

1. Use appropriate terminology to describe leaf and plant parts.
2. Describe the different forest regions of the United States.
3. List the major tree species of each forest region.
4. Describe the major vegetation types of Oregon.
5. Describe the biological classification system.

Content outline

  • Dendrology in Resource Management
  • Taxonomy, Nomenclature and Classification
  • Botanical Terminology
  • Vegetative Morphology
  • Reproductive Morphology
  • Gymnosperms
  • Angiosperms
  • US Forest Regions
  • Forests and Provinces of Oregon

Required materials

Requires textbook, see syllabus for details.

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