FR 101 : First Year French I

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1st Year French I



Grading mode

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Course Description

The first course of a three-course sequence in French. Emphasizes active communication in French. Develops students' basic skills in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

Course learning outcomes

1. Recognize basic sounds, words, and phrases when spoken.
2. Produce simple sounds, words, and phrases.
3. Read simple instructions and simple phrases in French.
4. Differentiate between the various written accents used in French.

Content outline

  • Introduction to French pronunciation
  • Simple greetings and introductions
  • Basic yes/no questions
  • Numbers (1-60)
  • Simple description of a person in the present
  • Verbs: to be (être) and to have (avoir)
  • common regular –er verbs
  • Introduction to French sentence structure rules

Required materials

This course will use a textbook and handouts distributed in-class. Students will also be expected to access web-based exercises associated with the textbook.

Outside of

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