FR 102 : First Year French II

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1st Year French II



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FR 101.

Course Description

The second course of a three-course sequence in French. Continues the development of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Particular emphasis on short interactions regarding everyday life.

Course learning outcomes

1. Recognize familiar words, phrases and expressions when spoken.
2. Speak using simple expressions about familiar topics and present simple information about yourself.
3. Read short simple paragraphs in French.
4. Write short interactions related to everyday life, using simple sentences.

Content outline

  • Introduction to Information questions
  • Negative sentences
  • Talk about daily activities, the weather
  • The verb “faire” and it’s expressions
  • Information questions (getting to know someone)
  • The immediate future (going to...)
  • The immediate past (I just…)

Required materials

This course will use a textbook and handouts distributed in-class. Students will also be expected to access web-based exercises associated with the textbook.

Outside of

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