FR 103 : First Year French III

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1st Year French III



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FR 102.

Course Description

The third course of a three-course sequence in French. Continues the development of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Prepares students for entry into second-year level at COCC or any other university.

Course learning outcomes

1. Recognize words, phrases and simple conversations related to everyday life.
2. Initiate and respond to more complex questions related to everyday social interactions.
3. Read more complex sentences related to related to everyday life.
4. Write short paragraphs.

Content outline

  • Introduction to complex sentences with conjunctions
  • Introduction to the past tenses: (passé composé)
  • Avoiding repetitions
  • Regular and irregular –ir verbs
  • Talking about vacation/past events

Required materials

This course will use a textbook and handouts distributed in-class. Students will also be expected to access web-based exercises associated with the textbook.

Outside of

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