FR 201 : Second Year French I

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2nd Year French I



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Standard letter grades

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Recommended preparation

FR 103 or three years of high school French.

Course Description

Continues the work of First Year French, reviewing, expanding and perfecting pronunciation, structure and vocabulary for the purpose of active oral and written communication. Emphasis on writing and reading skills. Incorporates culture in all aspects of the course; class taught mostly in French. Course should be taken in sequence.

Course learning outcomes

1. Talking about where you live (housing, describing where you live).
2. Talking about your possessions (what you have, where something is).
3. Giving your address and phone number.
4. Describing your family (feelings and appearances).
5. Free time (leisure activities, saying what you are going to do, traveling).
6. Saying what you did /where you went over the weekend/on a recent trip.
7. Discussing the weather
8. Clothing and how to buy clothes
9. Inviting someone to go out.
10. Talking about how you spend your time.
11. Talking about the past.
12. You will be able to scan the following for gist to identify some pertinent information on demand: signs, lists, notes, schedules, directions, short passages, and basic dialogue.
13. Recognize distinctions expressed by written conventions (e.g. accent marks, special letters, and punctuation marks).
14. Recognize cognates in written communications.
15. Follow basic instructions.
16. Learn about francophone countries and regions around the world.
17. Learn about the regions and major cities of France.
18. Linguistic and Nonverbal Behavior – Understand the cultural messages reflected in linguistic conventions and in non-verbal behaviors.
19. You will be able to recognize familiar words and very basic phrases concerning themselves, their family and immediate concrete surroundings when people speak slowly and clearly.
20. You will be able to ask and answer simple questions in areas of immediate need or on very familiar topics.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Cultural Literacy
  • Arts and Letters

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