FR 211 : French Conversation and Culture I

Transcript title

French Conversation/Culture



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

Total contact hours


Lecture hours


Recommended preparation

FR 103, or two years of high school French.

Course Description

Intended for students who wish to maintain and continue mastering fluency in the acquisition of French. Also an excellent option for the non-degree-seeking student.

Course learning outcomes

1. Translate French spoken in common social and professional situations.
2. Use oral French communication in most social and professional situations.
3. Summarize French texts (journalism, non-fiction, literature).
4. Use French grammar, common idiomatic expressions, and nonverbal communication.

Content outline

  1. Speaking skills
  2. Conversational skills
  3. Professional conversation
  4. Social conversation
  5. Reading skills
  6. Grammatical skills

Required materials

Open-source materials provided.

Outside of

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