FW 135 : Museum Techniques

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Museum Techniques



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Course Description

Focuses on hands-on learning involving the preparation and preservation of mammal and bird specimens for use in education and research. Requires the completion of three projects, which require skinning and preserving wildlife specimens suitable for study and display.

Course learning outcomes

1. Record proper morphological measurements of wildlife specimens.
2. Create a tag for museum specimens containing appropriate collection data and measurements.
3. Prepare a small to medium sized mammal museum specimen (study skin).
4. Prepare a small to medium sized bird museum specimen (study skin).
5. Clean and prepare a mammal skull as a museum specimen.

Content outline

  1. Value of wildlife specimens
  2. Creating a specimen tag
  3. History of Oregon mammalogy
  4. Mammal study skin guide

Required materials

Requires special gear, see syllabus for details.

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