G 162CV : Field Geology: Cascade Volcanoes

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Cascade Volcanoes



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Course Description

Explores Central Oregon’s spectacular volcanic landscape. Meets for lecture followed by all-day field trip to volcanic sites in Central Oregon. Appropriate for non-majors.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the fundamentals of volcanic processes, the volcanic landforms that result, and the hazards that volcanoes generate.
2. Apply the scientific skills of observation, interpretation, and hypothesis testing.
3. Connect volcanic processes and hazards to their personal lives, thereby becoming earth science literate members of society.

Content outline

  • Volcanic rocks
  • Plate tectonics and volcanism in Central Oregon
  • Magma and volcanic eruptions
  • Lava flows and volcanic landforms
  • Hydrovolcanoes
  • Volcanic hazards and volcano monitoring
  • Supervolcanoes

Required materials

Field trips will occur in place of on-campus labs with options to ensure accessibility for every student. Transportation will be provided.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Science Lab

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