G 163 : Field Geology: Rivers, Lakes and Springs of Central Oregon

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Rivers, Lakes and Springs



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Course Description

Explores Central Oregon’s water bodies with emphasis on their interactions with the volcanic landscape. Meets for lecture followed by all-day field trip to sites in Central Oregon. Appropriate for non-majors.

Course learning outcomes

1. Make accurate observations about geologic features.
2. Construct multiple working hypotheses about geologic features.
3. Test hypotheses by exploring the landscape for additional evidence.
4. Use labeled sketches to communicate an in-depth understanding of geologic features and processes.

Content outline

  1. Volcanism in Central Oregon
  2. Hydrology of Central Oregon, including surface water (rivers and lakes) and groundwater (springs)
  3. Lava/water interactions
  4. Human/water interactions

Required materials

Field trips will occur in place of on-campus labs, with options to ensure accessibility for every student. Transportation will be provided.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Science Lab

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