GEOG 100 : Introduction to Geography

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Introduction to Geography



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Course Description

Designed to examine the key themes, concepts and ideas in geography and to develop a geographical perspective of the contemporary world. A basic foundation of the fundamental themes in geographic education will be extended to the study of places and regions. Emphasis will be placed on the development of cartographic and map interpretation skills.

Course learning outcomes

1. Know how to read and interpret maps.
2. Apply the five fundamental themes of Geography in describing world locations.
3. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the earth’s physical geography.
4. Describe the impacts of human populations on the environment.
5. Understand the concepts of spatial analysis and interaction.
6. Demonstrate competence in researching geographic literature and data from both hard and electronic sources.
7. Describe the breadth of the discipline of Geography and its career applications.
8. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the earth’s human geography.

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