GEOG 106 : Economic Geography

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Economic Geography



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WR 060 (or higher) or minimum placement Wr/Comm Level 5.


Introduces the distribution of economic activities across the nation and the world. Explores core issues such as economic development, resource distribution and use, global agriculture, changes in manufacturing and the growth of the service sector. Urban patterns are explained in the context of our interrelated, globalized world. Useful course for business majors or any student wanting to understand criteria for business location.

Learning outcomes

1. Utilize spatial skills to analyze and explain economic variations across space.
2. Analyze and explain the different sectors of the economy; the contribution they make to a region’s level of development; and the constraints to creating a diversified economy in certain areas.
3. Understand and identify the factors that need to be considered when doing locational and site analyses.
4. Identify the historical factors that contributed to variations in development seen throughout the world and within nations.
5. Understand and explain the characteristics of, and reasons for, spatial variation in economic activities through formal and informal writing.

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  • Social Science

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