GEOG 107 : Human Geography: The Cultural Landscape

Transcript title

Human Geography: Culture



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

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Lecture hours


Recommended preparation

WR 060 (or higher) or minimum placement Wr/Comm Level 5.

Course Description

Examines key cultural traits and how those traits vary around the world. Develops concepts of interest to students in education and those planning to work with individuals from diverse cultural background in a global and geographic framework.

Course learning outcomes

1. Examine the location, origin, diffusion, and patterns of key cultural traits at different scales.
2. Explain the characteristics, distribution, and migration of human populations in terms of physical, cultural, and economic factors.
3. Recognize the role that the physical environment plays on cultural development and how, in turn, humans alter and/or adapt various environments to satisfy their basic needs.
4. Use maps and spatial data to better understand how cultures vary across regions.

Content outline

  1. Population
  2. Migration
  3. Health and disease
  4. Folk vs. popular culture
  5. Religion
  6. Language
  7. Identity: race, ethnicity, gender
  8. Rural vs. urban
  9. People and the environment

Required materials

Textbook is required.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Social Science
  • Cultural Literacy

Outside of

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