GEOG 190 : Environmental Geography

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Environmental Geography



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WR 121Z.

Course Description

Introductory view of the environment and how it is shaped by and shapes human activity. Units include famine, water resources, deforestation, energy use, biodiversity and sustainable land-use practices.

Course learning outcomes

1. Comprehend how the earth's natural system operate and interrelate with one another.
2. Describe how human activities influence natural systems.
3. Delineate natural flows of chemicals, minerals, water and energy.
4. Explain how human activities alter or degrade natural flows.
5. Apply the laws of thermodynamics and relate them to environmental problems.
6. Delineate geographic distributions of environmental impacts.
7. Summarize major environmental policies and regulations.
8. Develop informed views based on critical evaluation of information sources.
9. Engage in problem solving of environmental issues.

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  • Social Science

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