GEOG 198 : Field Geography of Central Oregon

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Field Geography of Central OR



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WR 121.


Field course that examines natural and cultural landscapes of Central Oregon sub-regions such as the Bend Core, Sisters Country, High Desert, and Upper and Lower Deschutes Basins.

Learning outcomes

1. Understand the relationship between landforms and the processes that form them.
2. Explain the limiting factors that affect plant species and explain their geographic distribution.
3. Understand the role of federal land management agencies and their impact(s) on land use(s) in Oregon.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of key geomorphic terms related to interpreting the Central Oregon landscape.
5. Demonstrate the ability to analyze a location’s site characteristics.
6. Be able to explain WHY certain things are located WHERE they are, such as residential and commercial areas.
7. Show a willingness to be a part of a learning community.

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  • Social Science

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