GEOG 211 : Cartography

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Course Description

Develops skills needed to produce maps with ArcGIS software. Outlines cartographic principles and map use. Emphasizes mapping techniques within a geographic information system (GIS). Intended for students enrolled in GIS or unmanned aerial systems programs.

Course learning outcomes

1. Apply color models to symbolize variations in polygon attribute values.
2. Design effective maps using traditional layout elements and effective design principles, such as visual hierarchy and visual balance.
3. Use elevation values and hill-shading techniques to display terrain data in three dimensions.

Content outline

• Introduction to cartographic software • Map layouts • Color and shading • Symbology • Mapping patterns with points, lines, and polygons • Labeling and map design • Multi-scale web maps • Map projections, cartograms, and flow-line maps • Terrain maps • 3-D maps

Required materials

This course will require a textbook.

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