GEOG 213 : Geography of Pacific Northwest

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Geography of Pacific NW



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WR 065.

Course Description

General introduction to geographical characteristics of the Pacific Northwest and, through this regional emphasis, to some of the basic principles and concepts of geography as a discipline. Comprises three broad sections dealing in turn with historical geography, physical geography and economic geography.

Course learning outcomes

1. Know the setting of the Pacific Northwest in the context of the USA and in its location on the geographic grid.
2. Know the distribution of regions in the Pacific Northwest.
3. Know the distribution of climates and vegetation of the Pacific Northwest.
4. Understand the landforms and geologic structure of the Pacific Northwest.
5. Understand the historical, cultural, and population geography of the Pacific Northwest.
6. Know the land use and agricultural patterns of the Pacific Northwest.
7. Know the distribution of water and energy resources of the Pacific Northwest.
8. Understand the environmental, economic, political, etc. issues tied to the transformation of the Columbia River.
9. Understand the geography of the manufacturing, service, and tourism industries of the Pacific Northwest.

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