GEOG 267 : Geodatabase Design

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Geodatabase Design



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GEOG 266.


Covers fundamentals of creating, using, editing, and managing spatial and attribute data in ArcGIS. Explores data migration; data loading; topology rules; use of subtypes, attribute domains, and relationship classes. Includes creating, editing, and analyzing geometric networks.

Learning outcomes

1. Design a logical data model that represents physical, geographic information.
2. Explain the components and interoperability of geodatabase elements.
3. Implement data-driven solutions using the geodatabase.

Content outline

• Introduction to geodatabases
• Geodatabase schema
• Vector and raster data
• Behavior (domains, split/merge policies, relationship classes)
• Relationship classes
• Labels, annotation, and dimensions
• Topology rules, editing
• Toolboxes and geoprocessing
• Create and edit geodatabase topology
• Networks analysis and linear referencing

Required materials

This course will require a textbook.

Grading methods

Grades may be determined using quizzes, class exercises, labs, and exams.

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