GEOG 272 : Geography for Teachers

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Geography for Teachers



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WR 121Z.

Course Description

Designed for public and private school teachers in Geography and for all teachers wishing to include geographic content and concepts in their social studies classes. Emphasizes how to teach Geography at any grade level and incorporates the benchmarks and curriculum goals of the state of Oregon Department of Education as well as National Geography standards.

Course learning outcomes

1. Develop lesson plans on local/global issues introduced at various grade levels.
2. List state of Oregon benchmark content standards and develop lessons to help students meet these benchmarks.
3. Examine the present and future status of Geography in schools at the national, statewide and local levels, as well as issues related to national standards and national testing.
4. Recognize and use the wide range of resources available to educators, including listservs for geographic education, useful web resources, professional journals, maps and software, etc.
5. Sharpen your spatial learning skills and enhance your curiosity for studying things geographical and the importance of the geography of discoveries in daily life, especially in science, art, literature, and the visual.
6. Incorporate geographic themes and lessons into the study of any other discipline.

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