GEOG 273 : Spatial Data Collection

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Spatial Data Collection



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Course Description

Provides the skills to collect location information for integration with a geographic information system (GIS). Focuses on proper use of the Global Positioning System receivers and data collection. Intended for students enrolled in the second year of GIS or UAS programs or similar academic preparation. (See program director for details.)

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain how the Global Positioning System (GPS) works.
2. Plan and collect a field survey of geographic data locations for a project.
3. Integrate data collected in the field into a geographic information system (GIS) mapping project.

Content outline

  1. Course introduction and overview of the Global Positioning System (GPS)
  2. GPS navigation and smartphone apps
  3. Planning geographic information system (GIS) data collection for a project
  4. Collecting GPS data
  5. Apps for ArcGIS
  6. Investigate smartphone apps
  7. Guest lecture – how industry collects data
  8. Data collection project – part 1
  9. Data collection project – part 2
  10. Incorporation of field collected data into GIS

Required materials

This course will require a textbook.

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