GEOG 275 : GIS Capstone

Transcript title

GIS Capstone



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

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Recommended preparation

GEOG 285.

Course Description

Provides a capstone experience to the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program. Presents criteria to complete the project, including project planning, designing and developing a GIS database, collecting and editing data, performing spatial analysis, creating maps, generating reports, and presenting project output. (See instructor for details.)

Course learning outcomes

1. Use project management tools and techniques collaboratively.
2. Use geospatial technology to achieve project objectives.
3. Explain geospatial ideas and outcomes verbally to stakeholders, including non-professionals.
4. Use cartographic design principles to communicate results.

Content outline

  1. Project overview (introduction to GIS review)
  2. Scope and charter (map design review)
  3. Project schedule (GIS software review)
  4. Project stakeholders, team, and communication (geodatabase design review)
  5. Risk identification and ranking (spatial analysis review)
  6. Risk response (cartography review)
  7. Quality assurance (remote sensing review)
  8. Quality control (data collection review)
  9. Estimating and managing costs (data conversion and documentation review)
  10. Integrating and tracking projects (GIS customization review)

Required materials

This course will require a textbook.

Outside of

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