GEOG 278 : Physical Geography: Landforms in Nature

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Phys Geog: Landforms in Nature



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Understand how activities occurring beneath and on Earth's surface mold and sculpt landforms. Investigate how natural resources and hazards are associated with these landforms and their dynamic processes.

Course learning outcomes

1. Diagram how tectonic forces within the earth create regional landforms.
2. Interpret the three-dimensional shape of landforms from patterns on a contour map.
3. Differentiate between erosional and depositional landforms.
4. Explain how processes acting at the surface of the earth sculpt landforms.

Content outline

  1. Earth, globes, and maps
  2. Plate tectonics
  3. Volcanoes and volcanic landforms
  4. Earthquakes and crustal deformation
  5. Weathering and soil
  6. Mass wasting
  7. Erosion and sediment
  8. Running water
  9. Groundwater and karst
  10. Shorelines
  11. Glaciers
  12. Deserts

Required materials

Textbook is required.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Science Lab

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