GEOG 279 : Physical Geography: From Severe Weather to Climate Change

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Phys Geog: ClimateWeather



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Course Description

Introduces the basics of weather and climate and the differences between the two. Investigates the factors that lead to daily variations in weather and its prediction. Understand the causes of climate change, including the contribution of human activity and how climate change can be mitigated.

Course learning outcomes

1. Interpret climate from a climograph.
2. Explain how the tilt of the earth on its axis affects surface temperature, seasons, and climate.
3. Predict areas of precipitation based on temperature and humidity data.
4. Rank how various human activities contribute to climate change.

Content outline

  1. Earth’s place in the solar system
  2. Earth-sun relationships
  3. Insolation and radiation
  4. The atmosphere’s structure
  5. Atmospheric energy
  6. Global temperature
  7. Global circulation in the atmosphere and oceans
  8. Atmospheric moisture, humidity, and condensation
  9. High-altitude winds
  10. Air masses 
  11. Atmospheric lifting mechanisms
  12. Midlatitude cyclonic storm systems
  13. Severe weather
  14. Climate classification and regions
  15. Biomes
  16. Climate change

Required materials

Textbook is required.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Science Lab

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