GEOG 279 : Physical Geography-Weather and Climate

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Physical Geog-WeatherClimate



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This course is an introduction to the sciences of meteorology and climatology. The focus of study for the meteorology section of the course will be on the troposphere, which is the layer of the atmosphere closest to the earth. The last portion of the course will study climatic classification and the relationship of climate with natural vegetation and human activity.

Learning outcomes

1. The student will describe the key factors that control weather and climate.
2. Students will apply mathematical formulas to determine the lifting condensation level and calculate the heights of cloud bases, given surface temperatures and dew points.
3. Given temperature and precipitation data, the student will identify and classify climate types based on the Köppen classification scheme.
4. The student will demonstrate understanding of WHERE and WHEN certain types of weather phenomenon are likely to occur on a global basis.
5. The student will examine the influences that climate and weather have on human activities.
6. The student will analyze weather maps to determine the location of frontal boundaries and predict changes in the weather.

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  • Science Lab

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