GEOG 284 : GIS Customization

Transcript title

GIS Customization



Grade mode

Standard letter grades

Contact hours total


Lecture hours


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Recommended preparation

CIS 122.


Utilizes techniques to customize ArcGIS software through use of a current programming language. Publishing content to the Internet and Servers is also undertaken.

Learning outcomes

1. Manage geospatial data.
2. Communicate results of coding efforts effectively in written form.
3. Serve as a geospatial resource.

Content outline

Introduction to programming and geoprocessing
Programming language fundamentals
Programming specific to geoprocessing
Exploring spatial data
Automation with scripting
Project undertaking
Serving geospatial data online

Required materials

A textbook is anticipated. Other materials include, notebook, paper, writing instruments.

Grading methods

Grading will be based on a combination of module completion, quizzes and projects.

Outside of

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