GEOG 285 : Data Conversion and Documentation

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Data Conversion/Documentation



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GEOG 266.


Covers a variety of techniques to collect and convert data between various formats, projections and coordinate systems, etc. Cultivates student's ability to research and experiment with data and enhance problem-solving skills. Stresses use of metadata which allows the data user to determine whether a particular data set is suitable for its proposed use.

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate knowledge and apply skills essential to the discipline.
2. Apply critical thinking and problem solving skill that reflect best practice.
3. Coordinate and manage the delivery of reliable, valid, GIS data including analysis and specialized user needs products.
4. Communicate effectively and appropriately within a professional setting in both written and oral form.
5. Utilize professional communication skills to achieve project outcomes in collaboration with GIS users across disciplines.
6. Research, interpret and apply data/information in the professional setting.
7. Develop and implement GIS services for users who may or may not be GIS knowledgeable.
8. Work in groups modeling behaviors and values of the GIS professional.
9. Perform as a team member employing professional practices and behaviors.

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