GEOG 285 : Data Conversion and Documentation

Transcript title

Data Conversion/Documentation



Grading mode

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Recommended preparation

GEOG 266.

Course Description

Covers techniques to collect and to convert data between formats, projections, and coordinate systems. Cultivates research and experimentation with data and enhances problem-solving skills. Emphasizes metadata use, which allows the data user to determine whether a particular data set is suitable for its proposed use.

Course learning outcomes

1. Summarize the importance of geographic information systems (GIS) metadata and problems that may be encountered for GIS layers lacking metadata.
2. Incorporate geographic information systems (GIS) data layers into web-based GIS applications.
3. Create 3-D web scenes from terrain data and other data sources with z-values.

Content outline

• Metadata • Collecting data from different sources • Data conversion project • Introduction to WebGIS • Layers and storymaps • Web AppBuilder • GIS industry examples - data conversion • 3-D web scenes • WebGIS project • Final project

Required materials

This course will require a textbook.

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