GEOG 286 : Remote Sensing

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Remote Sensing



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Introduces students to the theory and methods of remote sensing through use of satellite imagery. Practical exercises involve use of SPOT, LANDSAT and Quickbird images with ArcGIS/Imagine Analysis software. Digital analysis is discussed and performed including preprocessing, image classification and image evaluation. Intended for students enrolled in the second year of GIS or UAS programs, or similar academic preparation (see program director for details).

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate knowledge and apply skills essential to the discipline.
2. Apply GIS skills necessary to provide geospatial and thematic data.
3. Apply critical thinking and problem solving skill that reflect best practice.
4. Coordinate and manage the delivery of reliable, valid, GIS data including analysis and specialized user needs products.
5. Communicate effectively and appropriately within a professional setting in both written and oral form.

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