GER 101 : First Year German I

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1st Year German I



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German 101 is designed for beginners. Basic listening, comprehension, speaking, and writing skills will be developed during this course. Focuses on phonetics, genders, descriptions of objects and people, conjugating regular and irregular verbs in the present tense, punctuation, question words, German word order, and vocabulary, which includes the following categories: the alphabet, numbers, and greetings. Communication and German thought processes will be emphasized. Successful completion of this sequence, which should be taken in order, will prepare students for second-year level German at COCC or other universities.

Course learning outcomes

1. Comprehend spoken German using vocabulary presented during this class and vocabulary relating to the student’s personal interests.
2. Translate short sentences from German to English and vice versa.
3. Spell words using the German alphabet.
4. Ask and answer questions in German relating to small talk (greetings, “How are you?, hobbies, interests, prices and purchasing objects).
5. Read German texts with proper pronunciation.
6. Write personalized sentences in German using the vocabulary learned in class.
7. Explain some cultural differences and similarities between German speaking countries and their own homeland.
8. Locate and identify cities and Bundesländer in Germany (and perhaps in Austria and Switzerland).
9. Conjugate verbs in the present tense.

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