GS 105 : Physical Science: Chemistry

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Physical Science: Chemistry



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Recommended preparation

one year of high school algebra or equivalent or concurrent enrollment in MTH 060.

Course Description

Provides an introduction to properties and structures of matter, chemical bonding, solutions, equilibrium, electrolytes, and acids and bases. Includes quantitative discussions of the mole, stoichiometry, and solution concentration.

Course learning outcomes

1. Understand and use the fundamental symbolic language of chemistry.
2. Understand the fundamental composition and structure of matter; explain and predict its corresponding behavior.
3. Understand the nature and types of energy; explain and predict its interaction with matter.
4. Use mathematics to understand and solve chemical problems.
5. Understand the process of scientific inquiry and apply the scientific method in the laboratory.
6. Apply chemical concepts to new situations in our lives.
7. Develop/improve critical thinking and analytical skills.
8. Share one’s ideas and value others’ ideas.
9. Employ teamwork and assessment tools for improving efficiency and gaining insight.

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  • Science Lab

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