GS 106 : Physical Science: Geology

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Physical Science: Geology



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Recommended preparation

MTH 060 or minimum placement Math Level 10.

Course Description

Introduces students to the study of the ever-changing Earth, with a focus on hands-on exploration. Designed for students with limited geology background. Field trips will occasionally substitute for labs.

Course learning outcomes

1. Construct the fundamental concepts of geology by observing and interpreting geologic information.
2. Apply understanding of geologic concepts to the world around them at a personal, community and global level.
3. Recognize the components of scientific inquiry, which includes creating and testing hypotheses as well as communicating results to others in order to challenge and reach consensus.
4. Practice scientific inquiry in order to discover answers to geologic questions.

Content outline

• The Nature of Science (a.k.a., The Scientific Process) • Rock classification • Energy transfer • Isostasy Density • Plate Tectonics • Heat transfer • Earthquakes

Required materials

Field trips may require student transportation. Carpooling is encouraged, and COCC vans may be available.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Science Lab

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