HD 100CS : College Success

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College Success



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College Success is designed to give new students a broad overview of college and life success strategies. The course introduces students to college resources, students services and personal behaviors that support successful academic transition, growth and planning. Topics include personal responsibility, self-motivation, time management, academic planning, financial planning, decision making, health and learning styles.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify your personal learning style, qualities, skills and resources to develop a college success plan
2. Identify and describe COCC resources and services (both face to face and online) and assess how these services support success and engagement
3. Demonstrate effective and appropriate use of technology (e.g. Blackboard, COCC website, etc.) for educational and communication purposes
4. Utilize COCC tools and resources (e.g. college catalog, advisors) to create an academic plan
5. Access COCC financial planning and financial aid resources to develop a sustainable budget
6. Examine and explain the importance of working effectively with people of diverse backgrounds
7. Explain the impact of personal health and wellness on college success and develop strategies for maintaining balance, managing stress and improving health

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