HD 101 : Study Strategies

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Study Strategies



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HD 100CS.

Course Description

Introduces students to academic success skills essential for effective learning. Topics include: applied learning theory, growth mindset, academic reading, note taking, active learning, organizing study materials, rehearsal and memorization, time management, and test taking. Upon completion, students will be able to apply appropriate, researched-based strategies and techniques to develop an effective study plan for academic success.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain current research on learning theory and factors that promote college success and academic learning.
2. Identify, explain, and apply effective academic reading and note taking strategies.
3. Demonstrate effective, active learning strategies for information retention and recall.
4. Practice test taking skills and implement techniques to manage test anxiety.
5. Apply self-management tools.

Content outline

Neuroplasticity and How the Brain Learns Mindset Academic Reading Strategies Reading Academic Articles and Research Effective Note-Taking Strategies Active Learning, Retention Recall Memorization Strategies Test Taking Strategies Test Anxiety Self-Management Tools Developing and Implementing a Study Plan

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Required textbook.

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