HD 102 : Leadership Development

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Leadership Development



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Course Description

Teaches basic principles of leadership development and staff management in order to prepare student/staff leaders to effectively work in their assigned roles within Student Life and together as a team. Includes topics designed to increase knowledge and skills in the areas of diversity awareness, communication, conflict management, teambuilding, group development, personal awareness, time management and values clarification. As a result of this class, students will become familiar with the roles and expectations of the Student Life staff and be able to professionally represent COCC in their leadership roles on campus.

Course learning outcomes

1. Develop knowledge and skills to be a successful leader/staff member within a Student Life unit at COCC and in the greater community
2. Understand how to respect the diversity that exists within the campus community
3. Be able to communicate effectively and respond appropriately to conflict
4. Develop greater self-awareness and learn how to interact effectively as a member of a Student Life team and in the greater community
5. Understand and respect the various student staff roles within Student Life and be able to professionally represent COCC in their respective roles
6. Plan and coordinate a community service project that will enhance student engagement and learning

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