HD 103 : Strategies for Life Management

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Strategies for Life Management



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Helps college students identify and manage internal factors that contribute to positive mental, physical and emotional health during their college journey. Through exploring proven strategies for self-management, students will be able to analyze, create and implement a personalized set of habits and routines that will support their journey through college and beyond.

Course learning outcomes

1. Utilize self-awareness strategies to identify specific personal/character strengths and areas of growth.
2. Identify and analyze habits of mind and actions that can get one off track, and develop strategies to effectively self-manage to achieve goals.
3. Identify which choices will increase their physical health and wellbeing, and which choices can affect them negatively.
4. Create a comprehensive self-management plan that supports holistic health by combining the mental, emotional and physical components.

Content outline

1. Personal/Character Strengths Assessment 2. Healthy Sleep Routines 3. Anxiety and Stress Management 4. Depression 5. Grit and Persistence 6. Creating support networks 7. Effective personal and study spaces 8. Distress tolerance 9. Identifying triggers substance use 10. Self Management

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