HD 104 : College and Career Transitions

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College and Career Transitions



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Course Description

Helps students explore their own interests and consider related postsecondary education and career options. Prepares students to navigate a successful transition into a two- or four-year college or vocational training program. Emphasizes strategies for exploring and choosing educational options; career interest exploration; internships; financial aid; scholarship and financial literacy; academic success strategies and personal responsibility; and skills such as time management, communication, organization, utilizing resources, and managing stress.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify and research college or training options related to interests, including admissions requirements and processes
2. Describe financial aid options, including FAFSA/ORSAA applications and scholarship programs
3. Review financial literacy resources to estimate and prepare for the costs of college or other training options
4. Use the concepts of personal responsibility and interdependent behaviors to develop and take action toward achieving academic and personal goals\\n
5. Assess and identify interests, skills, values, and preferences and connect them to resources to explore career options, including internships opportunities
6. Practice academic success skills, including communication, personal management, stress management, and utilizing resources

Content outline

  • Exploring College options
  • Building a College-Success Network
  • Pathways to College and beyond
  • Financial Aid Literacy
  • Career Interests 
  • Career Exploration and Research
  • Internships and other ways to try out careers
  • Academic success strategies and study skills
  • Personal Responsibility, Mindset, and Interdependence
  • Self Management, Time Management and Organization
  • Support Resources and how to access and use them effectively

Required materials

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