HD 109 : Effective Job Search Strategies

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Effect. Job Search Strategies



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Introduces students to an effective, comprehensive approach to the job search process. Students will learn how to develop a job search plan, accurately and effectively complete job applications, write resumes and cover letters accordingly, identify marketable skills, and prepare for job interviews.

Course learning outcomes

1. Effectively use the campus CAP Center and on-line resources to research career information such as wages, job descriptions, labor market trends, skills and education needed for a specific employment target, and job openings.
2. Access, retrieve, and organize all relevant personal information required for the job search, including references.
3. Create a professional resume, select a format most appropriate for the job search, and adjust the resume for a specific job opportunity.
4. Effectively complete job applications covering all questions addressed.
5. Prepare for and answer generalized interview questions, prepare questions to ask at an interview.
6. Identify interests, skills, past achievements, and values in order to market oneself for employment, and identify a suitable job and/or work environment.
7. Write effective cover letters and thank you letters.
8. Create a network for job search.

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