HHP 242 : Stress Management

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Stress Management



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WR 065 or WR 121Z or minimum placement Wr/Comm Level 9.

Course Description

Helps students develop a comprehensive approach to the management of stress. Examines the historical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, psychological and physiological foundations of the stress concept. This broad understanding of stress will be the basis for the study of the role that stress plays in health and disease. Students will experiment with a wide variety of stress management and relaxation techniques.

Course learning outcomes

1. Understand chronic health risks and how to implement holistic, lifestyle behavior change to enhance personal and community-wide safety, health, fitness.
2. Enhance personal and community-wide safety, health and fitness.
3. Define the concept of stress, stressor, distress, eustress, coping and cognitive appraisal.
4. Identify different coping mechanisms used to manage stress.
5. Describe the relationship between the emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual dimensions of wellness and stress level.
6. Summarize the research regarding the history and current understanding of the concept of stress.
7. Describe the physiological and psychological effects of stress on human physiology.
8. Recognize the impact that stress plays in health and disease.
9. Identify the unique stressors that develop throughout the lifespan from infancy to old age.
10. Perform appropriate stress management techniques for various stressors.

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  • Health

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