HHP 266 : Nutrition for Health

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Nutrition for Health



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Recommended preparation

MTH 20 or higher.

Course Description

Introduces the basics of nutrition for a physically active, healthy lifestyle. The course emphasizes nutrient function, energy production, weight management, body composition, psychosocial health, global impact of nutrition, prevention of nutrition related diseases, food guide pyramid, ergogenic aids fad diets, dieting and nutritional research. Course also includes a computerized nutritional assessment.

Course learning outcomes

1. Understand chronic health risks and how to implement holistic lifestyle behavior change to enhance personal and community-wide safety, health, and fitness.
2. Distinguish among foods as relative sources of calories and nutrients, and be aware of appropriate sources of information.
3. List the nutrients that are essential for normal functioning of the body and briefly describe these nutrients as they interrelate for achieving good health and fitness.
4. Recognize the following processes as they relate to obtaining nutrients and energy from food- digestion, absorption, transport, metabolism, excretion.
5. Understand the fundamentals of weight management and body composition analysis.
6. Interpret food group guides and other dietary guidelines designed to meet nutrition needs.
7. Apply nutrition knowledge to the evaluation of consumer concerns related to ergogenic aids and current diet fads.
8. Describe the interaction between pre-, during-, and post-competition diet on sports performance.
9. Identify research methods in the areas of nutrition and performance.
10. Use computer software to assess the quality of individual diets and apply this knowledge to the planning of an adequate diet for active individuals.

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