HHP 268 : Sustainable Food and Nutrition

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Sustainable Food and Nutrition



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Farmer and author Wendell Berry once wrote that eating is an "agricultural act". It is also an ethical, cultural, political, and environmental act. In an attempt to understand the full impact of our food choices, this course will explore American food production from start to finish, past to present, and field to fork. Along the way we will answer questions such as: How does a plant grow? What is the difference between conventional vs. organic agriculture? How and why did our current food system evolve? How much does a fast-food cheeseburger really cost? What and why is food biotechnology? Where can I buy a local head of lettuce or leg of lamb? And, ultimately, what should I eat?

Learning outcomes

1. Understand chronic health risks and how to implement holistic, lifestyle behavior change to enhance personal and community-wide safety, health, fitness.
2. Explain the positive and negative impacts of local and global food supply chains with an emphasis on environmental, ethical, social, and consumer health issues.
3. Apply basic systems theory to food production and consumption.
4. Debate controversial aspects of food production, including small vs. large-scale agriculture, organic vs. conventional farming practices, genetically-modified organisms, farm subsidies, and labeling laws; articulate and rationalize your thoughts using current scientific evidence.
5. Calculate the “true cost” of food, including direct and indirect costs.
6. Explore the feasibility of local food production and gain an appreciation for issues facing Central Oregon farmers and producers.
7. Acquire first-hand knowledge of local food production from “field to fork”.

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  • Discipline Studies/Social Science
  • Foundational Skills/Health

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